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LiPHY Dice

4.8 ( 8528 ratings )
Desenvolvedor: Chik YUE

Entertain yourself with LiPHY powered dice rolling game. Just point the phones camera toward the LiPHY light to roll the dice.

Get all the dice to be the same number with same color to be the winner.

About LiPHY

LiPHY is the next generation VLC (Visible Light Communication) scanning app for your iPhone and iPad.

* LiPHY enabled LED lights and drivers can be purchased from our official website.

What is VLC?
VLC technology utilizes visible light emanating from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to transmit information signals wirelessly through the air. These signals can be captured using your smartphone running the LiPHY application by just pointing your phone towards the light source. With LED being widely used in the illumination and display devices, LiPHY is compatible with a wide variety of LED lighting, signages and displays.

Why VLC with LiPHY?
• Visible light can be recognized instantly. Even in crowded area, the recognition can be done whenever the light is in the line-of-sight.

• Each light can be programmed to a unique identifier which can not be replicated by a third party making this technology very secure.

AR Light
• Light containing location information can provide Augmented Reality effects via LiPHY.

Easy to install
• This technology can be easily enabled using our LiPHY LED Driver with your existing LED lights, light boxes and signages. Check out our website to find the suitable hardware to go with your lighting.